Thank you Pet Bistro for a healthy treat!

My dachshund Maggie loves the BarkScotti™. Anyone with a dachshund knows they have reputations for bad teeth, weight gain and diabetes. The BarkScotti™ is so great. They are crunchy so they clean her teeth and there are no artificial ingredients so I feel comfortable giving her several treats throughout the day. Her weight has actually come back down to a healthy level now too so she has a less chance to develop diabetes. This really is a great product. My daughter even nibbles on them from time to time and I am ok with that because I know they are a safe healthy quality product. Thank you again!

LM in Royersford PA

The Best Food For Your Dogs

This company has the tastiest dog food. Yes I taste my dogs' food. If it is advertised as tasty it better be tasty and Pet Bistro is the best, my dogs agree. PB uses organic ingredients that I buy in the store to make dinner for myself. So I figure why shouldn’t my dogs eat just as healthy. Happy dogs, happy me!

LT in Wayne, PA

Confidence and Trust!

My dog is as important as my kids because of the joy, pleasure, and love he provides to the entire family and I will do everything possible to insure his health and well being! I place my confidence and trust in Pet Bistro and the products that they provide. It is truly a pleasure to do business with them and my dog absolutely loves the food! Thank you Pet Bistro! Keep up the great work!


Love This Food

By far this is the best dog food we bought at Wholefoods Market. My immediate thought was that the jar was a bit pricey but when mixed with water the semi-concentrated food reconstitutes and makes over 1 pound of food. Making it the best deal ever. The food is exceptional quality and taste great. FYI - I freeze mine in small portions, works great. I believe this is the best quality dog food on the market.

Carolyn Beitz in Wayne, PA

Highly Recommend Pet Bistro 5 Stars*****

If you are looking for the "BEST" organic dog food, Pet Bistro is the place for you and your dog companion. Quality products at fantastic prices. I highly recommend them. 5 STARS.

VideoDean in Wayne, PA

Wow! Love Pet Bistro

Wow! This food is the only dog food I gave my dog that actually didn't make him sick!! He has severe tummy troubles, but when he eats Pet Bistro he is just fine with no symptoms. I believe it is the pure organic ingredients and the quality of the food that makes the difference. My dog is now active, happy, and loves to eat - a significant change from when he was eating the other dog foods the vet recommended. I have tried them all! Pet Bistro is by far the BEST! I wish my vet sold Pet Bistro; it would have saved my dog from utter discomfort and me the bills. My dog thanks Pet Bistro.

Paula in Duryea, PA

Thank You For Your Great Work Pet Bistro

Thank you very much for the wonderful work you do and for the great products you bring to our loving pets. As a lifelong animal lover and retired Nationally Certified Animal Control Officer, I understand the importance of proper animal care and pet happiness. Because of dedicated people like you, our for legged friends can be happy and healthy. Thank you again Pet Bistro. Awesome work and products.

EconoBay.com in Fitzwilliam, NH

Eat Like A Dog...Pet Bistro Makes It Delicious

With a business name like Pet Bistro, I had to check them out! And glad that I did so. The message one gets from their web site is that only quality ingredients are used in preparing the pet food. Our pets are our "children" and important members of the family and feeding them quality food is a priority. Pet Bistro has made life better for pets because the food is better..."Thumbs Up" for Pet Bistro.

Bill Crowley's Caricatures America in Colorado Springs, CO

There's Nothing Better

We have been struggling for several years trying to find a dog food that our dog could eat without becoming ill. Finally our vet recommended the products provided by Pet Bistro. They are 100% organic and NO chemicals! Our dog absolutely loves it! Thank you Pet Bistro! Five BIG Stars!

JL - West Chester, PA